3 Gear Essential Bundles for a Day Hike

3 gear essential bundles for a day hike

One of the most popular questions for we get, besides “Where are we going?” is “What do I bring?!” We encourage bringing the least number of items possible because we like to keep things simple. In most situations normal athletic shoes and comfortable clothes are just fine for most experiences with We California Tours.

The 3 gear essential bundles for a day hike listed below is what you should bring on a moderate-to-difficult hiking day trip.


1. Weather-appropriate clothing

(think moisture-wicking and layers)

A group of friends and I agreed to challenge ourselves on a volcano hike in a country neither of us had been to before. Mind you, we were in said country for a wedding originally, but wanted to adventure in the process. The whole plane ride there, we raved about conquering the Acatenango Volcano, near Antigua, Guatemala. As if it made much of a difference, two of us trained by hiking the tallest mountains in our area of Southern California.

Upon arrival, we figured that the best way include our volcano adventure with the scheduled wedding itinerary, was start our hike in the evening. As it turns out, one of our friends ignored the research and dressed as if he was going on an “#instatour ” (more fashion than function). His short shorts and Adidas were no match for a night-hike up a fierce volcano.

Some of my favorite items to sport on any regular day hike include ATG Wrangler all-terrain pants, which are great for moisture wicking to keep you dry, flexible, and comfortable.

Like most people, I’m more likely going to wear an old tee-shirt for a day hike, but if you want to add a little style to your step, I found a short-sleeve button up from Blank NYC that does the trick. On point for flexibility and durability!

Not all hikes need to be intense and not all adventures need to be quests. But bringing the appropriate attire will save you from freezing or getting heat stroke. 

3 Gear Essential Bundles for a Day Hike 1

2. Proper Footwear

Look, I don’t blame you. These sorts of things slip your mind. In the case stated above about my friend’s Adidas, whom I put on blast (*cough* Richard *cough*), proper footwear could have benefited him, since the terrain on this volcano was always changing and it even rained for a short while. However, his athletic shoes are perfectly fine for other day hikes and adventures, including 99% of our Run This Town events! 

If you are looking to invest in proper footwear for most terrains, I recommend La Sportiva. These boots have served me well on so many occasions! No matter how much I’ve taken these on trail, the wear is minimal, they’re breathable, waterproof, and they’ve been able to retain their comfort. 

Good boots are best walked in the right socks. Which is why I buy socks that are Darn Tough. Not only do they keep your feet feeling fresh (breath-ability is important), the designs are great, and they’re guaranteed for LIFE!

Take care of your future self with proper footwear, and avoid another #hikefail

3 Gear Essential Bundles for a Day Hike 3
3 Gear Essential Bundles for a Day Hike 5

3. Backpack, Hiking Stick, and Hat

It’s incredible the number of times I get made fun of for bringing a walking / hiking stick. Most people think, “It’s just a day trip, there’s nothing wrong with your legs!” And they’re right, I’m very capable of doing without, but it’s nice to have in the event you need to jump across a stream, or use as leverage to climb some steep areas. It’s funny because in many cases those same people end up needing the stick more often than not.

Another novelty I bring is my hat. And I’ve heard it all from, “Crikey, mate!” to humming the Indiana Jones theme song. But I’m telling you, not matter what your style is, bring a hat! It may not be sunny in the morning, but the come near noon and you’ll appreciate the shade over your eyes. Even surprise rain will be better managed with a hat.

Finally, is a good backpack. Depending on your day hike plans, the right backpack could hold your personal items like a notebook, a knife, a water bottle, extra clothes, keys and phone, even a bagged lunch for you and a friend. Fortunately, Timbuk 2 makes some of the best packs to carry no matter the occasion.  

timbuk 2 samsung rayban fossil

In Conclusion

It’s not rocket science, and We California Tours encourages you to get out and try something new. At the same time, we’re here to help make your experience more enjoyable.

The 3 gear essential bundles for a day hike described above are oriented towards moderate-to-difficult hikes. Most experiences with We California Tours are easily enjoyed with normal athletic shoes and comfortable clothes. But if you’re up for a challenge, gear up and get out with We California Tours!

What gear would you recommend on a day trip? Also, what kind of day hiking trips do you like to have? Leave your comments below. And if you want to join us on a trip, book here!

3 gear essential bundles for a day hike

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  1. Had a fun time hiking with Carlos and Cody this morning. We did about 5k. They have the type of energy you need to get up and go. Highly recommend to anyone looking to explore local trails in Fullerton✨

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