Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day 2020 Outdoors

Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020 Outdoors

Tired of doing the same old cliché thing for Valentine’s Day? Or is your favorite restaurant fully booked and don’t know what else to do? Let’s say you thought ahead and found the perfect solution—to spend it outside exploring something new! These are the top three reasons to spend your Valentine’s Day outdoors:

1. Originality

Let’s face it, going to the movies and receiving a box of chocolates/bouquet of flowers was great in the 1990’s, but where is the pizzazz?! Don’t you want your special day to be filled with excitement and memories that you can fondly look back on in the future? What better way to create those memories than to do so with a place tethered to it? Not just a place, but your place; your place that you can go back to and visit years down the line so your special someone can reminisce. Can a movie and chocolates do that?


2. Bonding & Shared Accomplishment

If you’re anything like we are, you’ve been a part of some sort of physical activity like a hike, a sport, a project, etc., that has made you feel accomplished. Now what’s the one thing we all say at the end of all those things? “I sure am glad I have someone to share this feeling with”. Why not recreate that feeling with your special someone? It’s not often we get to share a special experience with our special someone in our daily lives, but this is your opportunity.

Get out there, go on a hike (or walk), explore the unexplored, get a little mud on your shoes, and most importantly have someone there next to you that is doing the same. And who knows, while you’re out there, you may have a great conversation even share a couple of laughs.

Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020 Outdoors

3. The Memories!

We realize that we have touched on this previously, but to be honest everything we do in life, in one way or another, becomes a memory. Don’t let Valentine’s Day 2020 get jumbled in with the rest of them.

In this new age of technology, we all know our favorite way to preserve memories are through photos. Do you want to be scrolling through your phone’s photo album a couple of months from now and have some basic pictures of a food plate or a card that commemorates this Valentine’s Day? Or would you rather look back and have a photo of you and your loved one standing on top of a cliff overlooking the city lights with both of you holding a glass of champagne? I don’t know about you, but we’d take the latter any day of the week.

top 3 reasons to celebrate valentine's day outdoors

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top 3 reasons to celebrate valentine's day outdoors

All-in-all, Valentine’s Day is what you make of it, and who are we to tell you how to celebrate it. But if you want to be unique, get closer to your partner, and create some great memories then we highly recommend celebrating this occasion outdoors, like our Caverns and Canyons Tour!

Let us know what you think. What is your favorite way to spend your Valentine’s Day? Would you switch it up and do something active?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours; and just remember if you need any ideas you can always visit We California Tours to help plan your special day!

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  1. I think that doing something outdoors would be awesome! My wife and I go on dinner dates all of the time; so it’d be nice to switch things up a bit.

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