RUN THIS TOWN #2 - Dripping Cave

Power walking to Dripping Cave is mostly paved flat with a pace for determination

There’s been a lot on your mind. You may have been working too hard or planning your next move. If that’s your case, then we have a trail for you.

Power walking to Dripping Cave is mostly paved flat with a pace for determination. Graze the native coyote brush and greet the abundant wildlife. From quail birds to roadrunners, and serpents to snails, this trip is not one to miss. 

Meet new friends and ask yourself why you don’t do this more often. By the time you reach the Dripping Cave, you’ll shrug your shoulders and smirk about how proud you are of yourself.

For those who thought this flat trail was to yawn for, we’ll be taking a detour into Rock Cave on our way back. This side-track is a bit a butt-buster to give you the sense of getting a workout, but the views are worth your while.

This trail is great for beginners while still enjoyable for active hikers. Join us for the Dripping Cave adventure today!

Run This Town - Dripping Cave

Easy Hiking Trail

Photo Opportunity

Wildlife On Site

No Dogs Allowed


Capacity: 8

Time: 9AM - 1PM

Admission: $20

What You Get



Fresh Air

Guided Hike

What to Bring

Athletic Footwear

Comfortable Clothes

Water Bottle

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